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Episode 3: Bubble Economy

Episode 3, 1990. 30 years ago. I was a “salary-man”, which is usually said as a company worker in Japan. This country was in the middle of a bubble. It was a time when a naive guy in his mid-20s was fascinated by demons. After work, I went to downtown for a drink every night, dancing at a disco to hit on girls. Japanese economy will continue to grow! Stock prices and real estate will keep rising! Much more salary will be expected! Party will last forever! No one doubted that.

In the 1980's I graduated from high school, failed the entrance exam and got left back, and entered a local university in the next year. During my four years at the university, I was slacking off, spending time in part-time jobs and playing the band. In the spring of my fourth grade, I rushed for a job hunting, and fortunately I was hired