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Episode 2: All I need is Rock

Episode 2, year of 1980. 40 years ago. I was a high school student, a very skinny and still green. A decade of 70's; I began to hear Beatles from childhood, and then heavy metal by Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, punk represented by Sex Pistols, progressive rock such as Yes and Pink Floyd, etc. I got into any kind of rock and it completely knocked me down, and I was transformed to a rock and roll junkie. Yes, teenagers will do the same way now and then, they form a band with friends in the neighborhood, secretly drink and smoke, playing and shouting "Satisfaction" badly, and breaking up the guitar at the high school cultural festival (On a jacket of the Clash’s album" London Calling ", which was a hit in the year, there is a shot of breaking the guitar on stage, but I never imitated them) It was in protest that a certain teacher was relegated for unreasonable reasons. I remember that, but I'm not sure. No, maybe not. I was just a young boy, and probably because I was constantly searching for a place where my anger was raised without reason. I thought I had a sudden urge. Throwing a shattered guitar to the audience, I was convinced of my impulse.

Fluttering outdated long hair, wearing a leather jacket in black jeans, I went to school. Even in class I was indulged in secretly reading the Rocking-On and Guitar Magazine instead of textbooks as a daily routine. After school, hanging out with bad company, I brought the band equipment in the classroom without permission, then played "Anarchy In the UK" and "God save the Queen" with a loud noise. School principal and an educational guidance teacher rushed in to the room and I was scolded very severely, but the next day we were looking for a vacant room again and shouted "You really got me” Shortly I was a bad boy. A problem child. I was just a juvenile delinquent carrying a guitar case on the back and wandering around the school with my fellows. 5 or 6 years later I became a salaried worker after graduating university and I saw a high school classmate. Then he said, " Well, I am much surprised to see you being a respectable man after joining the company, even though you were a dissolute student in the high school days, ha". However, I was not doing band activities in the odd feeling. Rather, I was seriously working on rock and aimed at professionals. I had a strong critical spirit against various events in the world and against people around me. I was sometimes angry, sometimes complain, sometimes yelling against something. I believed it was right to do so for the next era to be a driving force. Well, eventually I never became a big shot, but my thought was right and I am convinced so. A bad boy, but quite seriously staring the world. That's me when I was a teenager.

By the way it was a lazy time. 1980 was the worst for the US-Soviet Cold War, triggered by the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan at the end of the previous year. For Moscow Olympic Games, Western countries boycotted, and Japan also became non-participation, and finally it was a phantom Olympics. Paul McCartney first came to Japan as a solo artist in January of that year, but was deported for possession of cannabis, and his performance in Japan also became a phantom. In December, John Lennon was killed by a crazy fan, and the Beatles reunion became an eternal phantom. Like 1970, 1980 had been drifting, as tormented by anxiety to the future. Calm punk boom, called “New Wave” somewhat laid-back rock was vogue around this time, but I didn’t like the feeling like "take it easy and be relaxed! " To deliberately avoid that , I was devoted with heavy metal and progressive rock which was popular a decade before, but at last not going against the wave of the times, I remember I copied Talking Heads and also something Pretenders. You may say that I also followed such a popular movement after all, and I would say yes, I was weak with a great deal sometimes. Because it’s my youth.

Oh , I have spelled written as lazy. Sorry for that. After the first episode, it had nothing to do with tea. Next time I would like to touch upon anything about tea. Thank you for your patience! (to be continued)


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