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Extra edition: Coronavirus

Today, I would like to take a break from my usual retrospective story and talk about worrying coronavirus. As of March 16, there are more than 160,000 infected cases and more than 6,400 deaths worldwide. About half of the infected people are from China, but some others has appeared in distant European lands and the number is increasing. Since the beginning of this month, the total number of infected cases in five major western countries of Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain has been 1,212 on March 1st and 8,024 on the 8th, one week later. As of the 15th, the number has risen about 30 times in two weeks to 36,318. In the United States, the number of infected people is still small, but the pace has been so rapid from 62 as of March 1 to 1,678 as of March 15, increasing day by day. Unfortunately, in this country where Obama Care has not yet been realized and medical insurance systems have not been developed, a significant increase in the number of infected people may be inevitable.

The spread of the new virus has had tremendous effects on politics, economy, trade, culture and sports, and human exchanges around the world. The damage has affected even the daily lives of people, such as cancellation of gatherings and events, suspension of schools, and, especially in some countries in Europe, closure of any kind of store except daily necessities. It will take some time for the new viruses scattered around the world to be calmed down, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will undoubtedly be postponed at least one year.

What is this strange feeling about the new virus that so much engulfs and shakes the world around confusion? My knowledge from the medical science perspective is almost equal to zero. But I feel like I understand why this global disaster has happened at this time and what the aim could be. People say that it is a man-made disaster “accidentally” leaked from Wuhan's virus research institute. Is that really the case? I feel a very political smell of this pandemic outbreak. It's also the smell of a targeted plot.

I will say first from the conclusion. The target is Donald Trump. Someone instructed another guy to intentionally spread the new virus to overtake Trump. That is my guess. This is the year of the US presidential election. In the end, Trump's re-election is certain, but many Democrats and their supporters such as colored races, women, LGBT, mass media and the entertainment industry, want to stop it. And for the Trump administration to continue another four years, it is very inconvenient for China too. A trade agreement between China and the United States was concluded earlier this year, and the seemingly overheated trade war was over. However, there are still many issues left behind, including the problem of Huawei. If Trump is re-elected, it is inevitable that another trade war will be started again next year. The first war was an agreement by China to increase US $ 200 billion in imports from the United States to reduce their trade surplus, but the second war could bring the United States to the heart of China's own industrial policy. They want to avoid it at all costs.

Some power may work to unite these anti-Trump parties in the United States and abroad beneath the surface, spreading the invisible enemy of global infectious diseases, disrupting the international economy, and confusing Trump's calculations. That guess may not be wrong. As the turmoil spreads around the world, both US stock prices and the dollar have sharply dropped. After ending the impeachment of Trump in failure, it is imperative to cause a massive financial damage with considerable pain to the American people. As a result, if the word of his “failure” is firmly engraved in the minds of the people, the next election will ensure that the floating votes, mainly in urban areas, are pulled in the Democratic Party, and Trump can be forced to lose.

Meanwhile, why are non-target countries like Italy and Spain now suffering? In a sense, this was an unavoidable scenario for creating global confusion and upset. The mastermind set up a time bomb in China. The virus spread to various regions in the country, infecting Chinese and other countries people who have been contacted with the Chinese, and spread worldwide, including Japan. In Europe, more than 30 countries are geographically connected, and people exchange with each other. Therefore, the spread of infection spreads quickly across countries. The explosive was Italy, which signed the Belt and Road Initiative early on, relying on Chinese capital, and this year, the rapid increase in human exchanges with China has become a factor. In that sense, Europe feels somewhat like camouflage or scapegoat for fighting Trump. I'm very sorry, but I have to say that. So, at a time when European infections are over the peak, it is possible that US infections are in full swing and more visible than in Europe today.

I am not 100% sure that this reasoning is really true. And even if there is such a scenario, I have no idea who can do it. But if a political plot using a pandemic is well-organized and if the plan is implemented exactly as intended, the answer will be clear in this year's presidential election.

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