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I don't know what I'm going to write down

It's been more than two months since I announced my blog. My trouble was not sure what to write on the blog. That's why the brush didn't progress for two months, and it didn't mean that my work was too busy or my private life was hard. I was drinking and eating like Christmas and New Year, lying down, and spending a lot of time. What is a blog in the first place? Is it like a diary of daily events, a short version of an essay with a certain theme, or a place to expose personal thoughts like a long version of Twitter? Not at all obvious. I was backed by the advice of a friend saying, "Don't worry about that, just write anything!" I tutted and started writing tomorrow with the brush. Somewhat irrelevant diary style, essay style according to loose theme, Twitter style muttering unintentionally, none and none, when it comes to slapstick style writing that runs around any of them in a random whim. Please pardon it in advance. I'm going to get into the main topic next week.


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